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Are you currently struggling with a sex addiction and looking for the right help to guide you out and away from the negative consequences?

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We have numerous residential rehab centres which are easy to get to from Scotland, Wales, Inverclyde and various other areas.

Sex Addiction Rehab in

If you have found yourself frequently engaging in sexual intercourse with multiple partners or struggling with sexual thoughts, you may want to speak to a professional.

No matter how much you are struggling with sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour, our team of sex addiction specialists have 25 years of experience helping those in need and provide a range of different services to help you recover.

As a sex or love addict, overcoming your addiction can be a terrifying aspect and you might not believe that you can do it. But, you should understand that with our individual and group therapy, you can get through this with our care and support.

Benefits of Sex Addiction Treatment

There is a range of benefits you can experience when you reach the correct help from our sex rehab facility specialists.

Here are just some advantages you can find:

  • You can confront your denial- So many people with sexual addiction do not believe that they have one, therefore, coming forward with a feeling of sex addiction can help you to feel more settled knowing it is being treated.

  • You can manage sexual desires - Knowing that you want to remove your risky sexual behaviour is a first step towards success.

  • You can meet others in Inverclyde that are in the same position- Companies like ours, as well as support groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous and Love Addicts Anonymous, help to introduce those that are also struggling (if wanted) to help empower each other to get through the sex addiction.

  • The best rehabs in Inverclyde also offer family therapy. This helps to rebuild relationships with family members and other loved ones and helps them understand what you are going through.

Sex Addiction Rehab Cost

The average cost of a sex addiction rehab service will be ranging from £3,000 to £12,000 per week.

Get a Price for Your Bespoke Treatment

This is, of course, a big difference in price. This is because there are some different factors that change the cost, such as the type of rehabilitation you choose, the professionals you choose, the distance from your home in Inverclyde, and the time span of your sex addiction treatment plan.

If you want an accurate price for your sex addiction rehab plan, get in touch with our treatment providers today.

Types of Sex Addicts

Sex addiction does not technically have a diagnosis according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). However, it is understood that there are various types of addicts.

You might not have realised that there are actually different addict types that various people suffer from. Various mental health issues can have an impact on addiction to sex.

Understanding where you stand in your sexual behavioural disorders can help you and us to establish which treatment plan we should set in place for you.

Biological Sex Addicts

A biological sex addict is a person who most likely has not struggled with sexual or any other type of trauma.

This particular type of addiction usually stems from compulsive masturbation and viewing of online pornography, which has in turn formed a challenge with sexual activity and sexual fantasies.

Only around 15% of people struggle with this.

Just like drug and alcohol rehab in Inverclyde, we can carry out both inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment in Inverclyde to help with addiction to sex.

Intimacy Anorexia Sex Addicts

This form of sex addiction is found in 29% of those with sexual addiction.

This will normally be noticeable through these bullet points:

  • Withholding sex

  • Withholding love

  • Controlled by silence or anger

  • Unable to share feelings

  • Feeling more like a friend or roommate

Sex Addiction Rehab in

Mood Disorder Sex Addicts

Mood disorder sex addicts struggle with a chemical imbalance that will make them use sexual activity as a medication.

Speak to a Professional

A sex addict with a mood disorder can find help through our therapists with cognitive behavioural therapy.

Psychological Sex Addicts

Usually, psychological sex and love addicts have struggled with some form of trauma in their life, such as neglect or abuse.

It is found that those struggling with this form of psychological sex addiction will use sex as a medication form to block out their trauma.

This sexual behaviour brings a form of self worth from sexual partners, which brings sex addiction to form like a drug addiction in Inverclyde.

Spiritual Sex Addicts

A person with a spriritual sexual addiction will use sexual activity as a way to fill a spiritual void, being a sexual fantasy.

It is found that most people suffering with spiritual sexual behaviour find that sexual activity does not make you accept your inner spirit and they need help to find this properly.

We can help you with this through our professional spiritual leaders.

Trauma Based Sex Addicts

Trauma based sex addiction comes from childhood or adolescent traumatic experiences.

You will normally find that the compulsive sexual thoughts or behaviour will be similar to the trauma that you have struggled with.

Identifying your trauma and comparing it to your sexual fantasies can help you to realise that you need help from us.

We have rehab centres away from your home in Inverclyde to ensure you get the privacy you need.

If you would like help and support, please complete our enquiry form now. We will provide you with a sexual addiction screening test and provide the best treatment for sex addiction for you.

What is Behavioural Addiction?

Behavioural addiction is when a person begins to develop a strong dependency on a particular activity or substance.

There are many negative consequences that can occur from a behavioural addiction and noticing that you have one for your compulsive sexual behaviour is one step in a better way.

Sex Addiction Rehab in

Sexual impulses, substance abuse, and other compulsive behaviours for addiction are not something you should shy away from receiving help.

Our behavioural addiction professionals in Inverclyde are here to support you through this journey.

Behavioural Addiction Symptoms

Some of the most common behavioural addiction symptoms include:

  • Social withdrawal

  • Changes in personality

  • Inability to control behaviour

  • Conflict

  • Paranoia

  • Self loathing and low self-esteem

  • Feelings of guilt or remorse

Porn Addiction Help in Inverclyde

Porn addiction is common among sex addicts.

Those with sexual interest and sexual urges for phone sex often struggle with porn addiction.

You can seek treatment from our support groups and therapists to get through this.

We provide help for people from their own home in Inverclyde or at one of our excellent rehab facilities.

Love Addiction Therapy

Love addiction is when an individual finds it challenging to create and maintain a healthy intimate relationship with a partner.

Intimacy disorders are getting a lot more common, therefore, you should not feel ashamed and should attempt to reach out for help as soon as you can.

Causes of Sex Addiction

There are many causes of sex addiction.

This can be through childhood or adolecent trauma, a loss of control in an attempt to regain control, bad sexual encounters, other compulsive addictions taking over, substance abuse, or spirituality control.

Sex Addiction Rehab in

There are many more reasons why you, or somebody you might know, is struggling with sex addiction.

Get in touch with us today for more information. We can inform you of our rehab centres away from your home in Inverclyde and the privacy you will receive.

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How is Sex Addiction Diagnosed?

Looking at the various types of sex addiction as well as the symptoms can help to disclose to you whether you have a sex addiction.

Speaking to our professionals can confirm your diagnosis.

What are the Treatment Options for Sex Addiction?

You can go through us for therapy sessions, such as group therapy sessions or other forms that are available too.

We can offer medication too and an intensive treatment process that thoroughly helps each patient.

What is the Success Rate of Sex Addiction Treatment?

The success rate for our sex and love addiction treatment is from 70-80%.

What are the Risks of Untreated Sex Addiction?

There are many risks that occur with untreated sex addictions. These include:

  • Mental health disorders (mental disorders can also make addictions worse)

  • Further away recovery process

  • No intimate relationship

  • No normal relationships

  • Low self esteem

  • Bad sexual experiences

  • Unsafe sexual acts

  • Severe withdrawal symptoms

Sex Addiction Rehab in

How is Sex Addiction Rehab Different from Other Types of Addiction Rehab?

Sex addiction rehab differs from other addiction rehab centres as we are more focussed on the long term recovery of each type of sex addict.

Each treatment programme will focus on the root cause of the addiction and how we can push ourselves away from this.

How Long Does Sex Addiction Rehab Take?

Many previous patients have found that after 3 months they found themselves in a much more sturdy position.

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Where Can I Find a Sex Addiction Therapist?

You shouldn't look any further!

We are here to help you as leading sex addiction therapists in the UK.

Get in touch with us today to start your journey.

What Type of Treatments Can Be Used for Addiction to Sex?

Some of the most common evidence based treatments for addiction to sex include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Holistic Therapies (art therapy, adventure therapy, music therapy, yoga)

  • Group Therapy

  • Residential Rehabilitation

  • Individual Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing


Understanding your sex addiction is one thing to overcome, but looking for a long-term recovery is an amazing beginning to a new life.

We want to help you with your treatment options in Inverclyde today so that your well-being is the best it could be and any other addictions are also swept away.

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You should never feel alone in this. Get in touch and fill in our free confidential assessment today and check into a treatment center asap.

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