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Are you looking for the best Rehab in the UK to help with your recovery? Our team have years of experience when it comes to helping those suffering from addictions. We have 5 private clinics in the UK, which offer the best therapy, care and support on your journey.

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There are a number of rehab facilities across the United Kingdom and each of these facilities offers different services and programmes. It can be difficult to choose the best treatment centre for you when there is such a wide choice.

We pride ourselves in offering the best rehabilitation clinics to our clients to ensure they recover safely and effectively, whilst aiming to prevent any relapses.

With over 25 years of experience within the industry and professional therapists and counsellors to support our guests, you can be sure that you will receive the most effective treatment at any of our rehab clinics.

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Whether you are from Scotland, Wales, Scottish Borders or somewhere completely different, you can make the most out of our clinics, as they are easily accessible no matter where you are.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts within the addiction and recovery industry, who have over 25 years of experience and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Our main goal is to make sure that we look after each of our patients in a way that is right for them. We offer bespoke treatment programmes to ensure our patients receive a full continuum of care.

Each of our rehab wellness centres offers professional aftercare services, as well as first-phase and second-phase rehab and outpatient services in Scottish Borders.

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Whether you are struggling with eating disorders, drug addiction, alcohol addiction or a gambling problem in Scottish Borders - our team can really help you.

If you or a loved one in Scottish Borders are looking to recover with the help of expert therapists and counsellors in the UK in a luxury setting, please make sure to speak to us today and we can help you make the first step.

Best Rehab Centres

We have the best rehab centres in the UK that provide thorough care and support during each patient's recovery. Our treatment providers are there to help you every step of the way, no matter which of our facilities you choose.

We have traditional centres for a homely and comfortable experience, as well as a luxury rehab centre accessible from Scottish Borders for a more exclusive experience.

Our exclusive rehab center has a central location with plenty of facilities for patients to enjoy helping them to relax during the recovery process. Some of the features in our prestige facility include:

  • Dedicated spa

  • Complimentary spa treatments

  • Sauna

  • Spa pool

  • Steam room

  • Dedicated gym with professional trainers and well-being exercise classes

At each of our rehabilitation centres, patients can enjoy home-cooked, nutritious meals from in-house chefs.

We aim to offer the greatest recovery experience, whilst making sure each client in Scottish Borders gets the care they require, so they can live a life free from addiction. If you require more information on the facilities we have available, please contact us today.

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

Luxury rehab in the UK costs between £4,000 - £10,000 per week.

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We have both luxury and residential rehab centres, meaning our costs can start from just £1,500 per week for inpatient residential treatment in Scottish Borders.

There are various factors which can raise the cost of professional treatment in a rehab center:

Type of Treatment

As well as inpatient services, our team also offer an outpatient addiction treatment approach, 1-1 therapy, private home detox treatments, an enhanced 12-step program, family intervention and support packages.

The cost of outpatient treatment and home detoxes will not be as costly as inpatient treatment, but we will help you choose the correct treatment options for you.

Type of Rehab Centre

The cost will also change depending on the type of rehab centre you decide to use. If you choose our luxury treatment facility this will be more costly than our other facilities, as you will be able to enjoy premium features, such as spa and gym facilities.

We offer the best rehab treatments for drug and alcohol addiction in each of our facilities, so the choice of facilities will depend on what you are looking for.

Type of Room

There are a number of different rooms to choose from at our facilities. You may prefer to share a room or have your own space.

Our twin rooms are cheaper than a single room and our suites are more expensive than our standard rooms within our luxury facility.

We also offer a private cottage, which can be used by celebrities or other individuals looking for some privacy during their stay. This option has a premium cost.

Length of Stay

The final factor that can influence cost is the length of the stay if you decide on private inpatient treatment.

The longer the stay, the lower the cost per week, but the higher the overall cost.

We can find the best private rehab facility which suits your needs and requirements, as well as your financial budget. For a quotation for any of our rehab centres, please complete our enquiry form today and a member of our team will be able to assist you.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one in Scottish Borders are struggling with substance use addiction or you have concerns about compulsive behaviours and other addictions, it would certainly be worth looking into rehabilitation.

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There are a number of benefits when it comes to rehab centres, including the chance to make a full recovery from your addictions. Our treatment providers have listed some of the advantages to seeking professional help below:

Safe Environment

Whether you have come into the rehab centre for sex addiction or drug addiction, you can rest assured knowing that you are in a safe environment with a great support network around you.

Both of our inpatient and outpatient programmes allow you to connect with professional therapists and other people who are experiencing similar struggles to yourself or your loved one.

In order to make a full recovery and take care of your mental health during this time, it is important to have encouraging and supportive people around you who understand what you are going through. We ensure all of our clients are kept safe and supported in their journey to becoming sober and addiction-free.

Creates Structure

By coming to a private residential rehab centre, you will start a routine that helps you through the recovery process. Drug and alcohol rehab centres create habits and patterns to assist addicts in stopping self-destructive behaviour.

In order to maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle, having a specific structure in place is an essential part of addiction recovery.

Addresses Underlying Issues

Understanding the reason for substance abuse can help patients recover more quickly. Our professional counsellors are trained to find out these problems and can create coping skills to fight these urges in the future.

If you are suffering from mental health disorders as well as substance abuse or another kind of addiction, our experts can work with you on how to cope with these things and help you recover.

Medical Assistance Around the Clock

Inpatient rehab is so popular, as you can get the support you need 24 hours a day throughout your entire stay at the facility.

Speak to a Therapist

If you are at your home in Scottish Borders it can be hard to get medical help instantly, whereas when you are in the presence of many professional therapists, it is a lot easier.

This type of support is extremely important for preventing a relapse. Those with severe addictions should definitely consider residential rehab as part of their treatment programme.

Improving Health

During your stay at our addiction treatment centers, we will provide you with healthy, balanced meals to provide the nutrients you require to recover.

Numerous rehabilitation centers also provide exercise classes to encourage a healthier mind and body. By offering a healthier lifestyle in rehab, many patients adopt this in their life after treatment.

Ongoing Support

After you have completed the inpatient stay, we offer an aftercare programme to ensure you get the ongoing support you need.

You will receive continued support after leaving the facility to ensure you remain sober and do not relapse. By going to group therapy meetings as well as one-to-one sessions, you can make sure that your recovery remains stable.

Different Types of Addiction Treatment

There are various addiction treatment options available for both you and your loved ones.

Luxury Rehab Facility

One popular choice is a luxury and exclusive rehab. By visiting these types of facilities, you can enjoy a luxurious experience whilst on the road to recovery.

The most luxurious centres usually offer additional features, such as executive suites, private areas, spas and more.

During the stay, you will have access to various types of therapy, such as 1-1 sessions, group sessions and more.

Inpatient Treatment

An inpatient treatment programme is usually the most successful type of treatment, as it offers all the different types together with 24-hour support. We can recommend a facility away from your home in Scottish Borders if you want to go somewhere a bit more private.

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When you stay at a rehab centre, you will be able to get help and support whenever you need it and can take advantage of a number of therapy sessions including cognitive behavioural therapy and more. Your treatment will be bespoke to your needs and requirements to help you on your way to a life without addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

During outpatient treatment, the patient does not stay at the facility but can come for group counselling, individual therapy and more. Outpatient rehab is less restrictive than inpatient care, however, you do not get the 24/7 support like with residential rehab.

Our team can offer outpatient detox programmes which are tailor-made to meet your needs. For more information on this type of treatment, please make sure to contact a treatment provider today.

One to One Therapy

Our team provide 1-1 therapy sessions for clients who are looking to remove old habits and routines that can cause addiction.

A lot of people come out of therapy and struggle when being surrounded by alcohol and drugs again, this is where one-to-one counselling sessions can help.

Sessions can last up to an hour and there is no limit on the number of sessions you can buy. Our therapists work hard to ensure you stay on track and get a plan of action that suits you.

By treating one client at a time, we get better results which helps clients remain sober.

Group Therapy

Group therapy like Alcoholics Anonymous, Drug Addicts Anonymous and other group sessions are perfect for people in the process of recovering from addictions.

Group therapy offers support among other people in similar situations offering a sense of community. There is no judgement in group therapy and these sessions are great at stopping relapses.

Private Home Detox

If you are looking to detox in a more discreet environment, our team can offer private therapy in the comfort of your own home in Scottish Borders.

Private home detox is becoming more popular in the UK and can be very successful in stopping alcohol addiction. If you do not carry out a detox correctly, you could suffer from heart failure, hallucinations, seizures or even death. It is vital that you get help from professionals in clinical care.

Family Support Programme

A family intervention service is great for patients and their loved ones, who require help and support. We offer private weekly family therapy to help families open up and work through any issues they have.

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With a lot of drug and alcohol addiction cases, there is a loss of trust within the family unit which can be hard to get back. Our family support sessions can help to bring the trust back and prevent future relapses.

12-Step Program

The 12-step program can benefit numerous addicts by helping them achieve sobriety. The 12-step program involves various principles that are practised as a way of life.

You need to ensure that you stay on track with your recovery in order to prevent a relapse. The 12-step treatment is one of the most comprehensive programmes available and can assist with various addictions.

Holistic Therapy

If you prefer the holistic approach, there are plenty of options available including acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, yoga, art therapy, music therapy, sports and exercise, hypnosis and more.

It is important to find a treatment that suits you. You may want to use multiple therapies, especially if you are suffering from addiction to more than one substance.

Our addiction specialists can offer advice on which treatments would be best for you and may also advise incorporating a holistic approach too.

If you are struggling with addiction, please make sure to contact us today.

Where Do Celebrities Go To Rehab?

High-profile celebrities usually go to exclusive rehab centres. There are clinics available abroad, however, you can save on costs and receive excellent treatments with privacy here in the UK too.

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Our luxurious clinic has an exclusive cottage where celebrities can stay. The cottage offers privacy and patients can have access to luxury spa treatments and facilities, gyms and home-cooked meals by excellent in-house chefs.

The main thing for famous people and celebrities is to have private care whilst they recover. We can provide this along with the very best treatment for any addiction.

Our team can provide private drug and alcohol treatment, as well as help for sex addictions in Scottish Borders, gambling problems and eating disorders.

You may have to travel from your home in Scottish Borders, but all of our clinics are easy to get to with train stations and airports closeby.

What is Rehab?

Rehab (rehabilitation) is the process of treating someone who is suffering from an addiction or mental health problem.

Residential rehab offers addiction treatment in a residential setting. There are two types of inpatient rehabilitative programmes, which include first stage and second stage.

First-stage rehab refers to those who remain at the treatment center for up to 12 weeks. First stage can also be considered the first 12 weeks of a longer programme. The primary stage of rehab will provide various multi-sensory groups including holistic therapies, 12 step approach and more.

Second-stage rehab refers to the later stages of the longer programmes. This stage focuses on the development of a substance-free lifestyle and helps to ensure you do not relapse.

Patients will receive professional support and individualized care throughout their stay and will be advised to take part in an aftercare plan to help them in everyday life after they have completed treatment.

How to Choose the Best Rehab Program

In order to choose the best program for you, you will need to decide what your goals are and what is needed.

A severe drug addict in Scottish Borders should really be thinking about inpatient rehab rather than group therapy, as they could endanger themselves or others.

By speaking to our addiction counsellors, we can assist you to select the best program by looking at your physical symptoms and thought processes.

If you do decide on inpatient rehab, our team can help select the very best private clinic accessible from Scottish Borders for you.

We have 5 beautiful clinics available that are easily accessible from Central London, Scotland, Scottish Borders and other areas across the UK.

Speak to a Professional

If you would like to get in touch regarding choosing a rehabilitation centre, please speak to a member of our team today and we will help you.


We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Where is the Best Rehab UK?

The best rehab in the UK is in St Helen's.

Our luxury St Helen's clinic offers spa facilities, complimentary treatment, exercise classes, a dedicated gym, in-house chefs and beautiful grounds.

In this facility, you will receive the rehab options that suit your needs.

Whether you are there for a few weeks or a few months, you can rest assured the clinical staff will help you throughout your drug or alcohol addiction recovery in Scottish Borders whilst you relax in a luxurious setting that is great for your mental health.

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How Long Does Rehab Usually Last in the UK?

Rehab programs usually last around 3-6 months in the UK.

Some programs can take longer than this, whereas some can be shorter. Choosing the right residential drug or alcohol rehab is vital to fight addictions. Our team can create the perfect plan for you to ensure you get the necessary help you need.

What is the Staff to Patient Ratio?

It is best to have a low staff to client ratio to ensure clients get the individual therapy they require.

What is the Success Rate for Patients Who Complete the Program?

The success rate for patients who complete rehabilitation programs is between 85-85% if the program is carried out correctly.

Which Treatment is Most Effective in Treating Addiction?

Inpatient treatments that provide counselling and behavioural therapies (such as CBT) are the most effective treatments for addiction.

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Inpatient care is most common in private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, as sometimes patients can harm themselves or others when they are suffering from severe addictions.


Below are some reviews from previous clients:

I came to Rainford Hall in a terrible state, I hadn’t eaten for days and physically I was in a dreadful way. The warmth of the staffing team and the support of the clinical staff were absolutely amazing. They made me feel comfortable and reassured me every day until my detox was finished. Such a wonderful place to get well, especially the bedrooms and the food was just amazing. I would highly recommend Rainford Hall to anyone that is suffering.
Forever grateful

- Previous Client

I had the most amazing experience at Rainford Hall having completed 28 nights there. The building is absolutely stunning and the staff couldn’t be more welcoming. I found the program to be well balanced and informative, I learnt so much about myself.
The food offering was a different class, so much to choose from and the quality was outstanding. I believe the catering team achieve a 5 star rating as environment health inspected them when I was there. Thank you for getting me back on track and giving me my life back.

- Previous Client

Without doubt, the best residential rehab centre for addiction in the UK. Very helpful and friendly staff. Outstanding meals, stunning surroundings, easy to understand treatment program, which make sense. I cannot rate this centre high enough. If you want to get well, this has to be the centre to do it in.

- Previous Client


We provide private drug and alcohol addiction treatment along with therapy for sex addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders and more. All our treatment centers are accessible from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Scottish Borders TD11 3 and other areas across the UK.

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Our rehabilitation centres are available to young adults 18 and over and older adults too. We believe we provide the very best care for our patients and aim to provide a comfortable and relaxing setting in each of our treatment centers.

If you require more information on the treatment services our best rehab UK provide, please make sure to contact our team today and we will be happy to help you.

Let's get you into recovery now!

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