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Have you been looking for private addiction rehab to begin your addiction recovery?

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You have come to the right place. We have a number of rehab clinics easily accessible from Scotland, Wales, West Lothian and various other areas.

Our team of professionals have an immense amount of knowledge for helping those with their addiction treatment and mental health problems.

Make sure to speak to us today using the contact form provided and we will get back to you with help and support regarding private drug and alcohol rehab clinics.

Why Choose Us?

Our senior executive team have over 25 years worth of experience in the clinical and therapeutic industry.

Being regulated by the Care Quality Commission means that we provide the best private drug and alcohol rehab services in the country.

Private residential rehab treatment has become increasingly popular in West Lothian in the UK and various other areas. Our private rehab treatment clinic will help your drug and alcohol addictions to be squished into a past memory.

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Battling addiction can be an incredible challenge, but knowing that our team of specialists are here to provide a private rehab clinic process to get you back on your feet will help you to realise that you can change your life.

Choose Private Rehab today and get in touch with our admissions team for a rehabilitation programme that will suit you.

Benefits of Private Rehab Clinics

There are so many benefits that you will experience with our private addiction rehab facility that you might not have even considered.

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Here are some you should note:

Bespoke Treatment Plan

No matter if you need private drug rehab, mental health support, alcohol addiction treatment, or a physical health recovery process plan, we can offer you a completely bespoke treatment plan.

We understand that everyone's personal circumstances are different, meaning shared treatment options will not allow everyone to get the right treatment for them to fully recover.

Our addiction specialists offer treatments in the clinic and from your home in West Lothian to suit individual needs.

24/7 Medical Supervision

Being privately assessed for your recovery and having different treatments offered means our clinical staff will be able to provide non-stop medical supervision to you.

You do not have to feel alone in this process. Our private rehab clinic is here to help you.

With a low staff-to-patient ratio, we can also look for underlying causes and reasons behind your addictions through the various therapies provided.

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No Waiting List

When you go to a general rehab clinic in West Lothian, you will find that the waiting list is often very long and you might feel like there is no point waiting for treatment.

At our private rehab clinic, we do not believe in waiting lists!

As soon as you reach out to us, we want to help you to long-term recovery.

Aftercare Programme

We have some of the most excellent facilities in the whole of Great Britain, giving support during as well as after your recovery.

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We provide a strong aftercare plan that allows our expert care workers and nurses to examine your general health along with how you are doing with any withdrawal symptoms or psychological symptoms.

We want to provide a space where you feel safe, during and after treatment.

Group Therapy

Despite going privately for rehabilitation treatment, we understand that many people find more comfort in knowing other people are in the same position.

This is why we can provide group therapy sessions along with a family visit so you are not feeling completely excluded from the rest of the world.

You may also take part in support groups after treatment to prevent relapse.

For more information on group therapies, visits from family members and family therapy, please complete our contact form today.

Helps Create New Habits

Private rehab clinics are brilliant at allowing patients to create new habits, reversing their ways from previous drug addictions, mental health issues, or other forms of substance addiction.

These habits are also encouraged after treatment when you are at home in West Lothian.

Private Rehab Cost

On average, the price of a private rehab centre with addiction treatment leading to addiction recovery will cost around £7,000 for a week's course.

Of course, like any other rehabilitation centre, prices will differ because of some varying factors. These can consist of:

  • How closely you need to be watched for support

  • The time spent at our private treatment clinic

  • The forms of therapy needed

  • The treatment options given

  • Distance from your home in West Lothian

  • Aftercare - we do offer 12 months of free aftercare

Although private rehab is more expensive than general rehab centres, we will provide you with the best residential treatment plan in West Lothian that is all worth the extra money!

If you want to get an accurate quotation for your private rehab journey, get in touch with our treatment providers today.

Types of Addiction Treatment

There are different types of addiction rehab programmes in West Lothian that we can offer you.

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You might not have even considered these options before, therefore, we advise that you read each specific point!

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatments in West Lothian are important for those struggling with severe drug addictions.

This involves staying in the rehab centre and having constant care and support throughout your recovery.

Addiction treatment does not need to be a scary option for you, our experienced staff wants to help you to recover in the right way!

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Detox Programme

A detox programme is an idea of reducing all the traces of drugs and alcohol in your body. You will eventually stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol altogether.

This will allow you to start therapy within our private rehab centre.

This treatment programme helps to show those battling addiction, what is truly happening with their bodies.

We also have a home detox plan that can be carried out at your very own house in West Lothian.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatments in West Lothian are when the patient admitted undergoes treatment outside of a hospital scenario.

Sometimes, the patient may go into the hospital a few times for treatment services, however, they will not be classed as an inpatient unless they are staying over 24 hours.

What is Private Rehab?

Private rehab is a high-end facility that allows those battling issues, such as drug addiction in West Lothian, alcohol addiction, behavioural addiction or mental health problems to recover in a space where they feel safe.

The private rehab centre we can supply you with has top-end facilities and incredibly experienced staff that are dedicated to getting you back on track.

Private Rehab Centre in

Private rehabilitation centres have no waiting list, so the admission process is quick and you can start your journey straight away.

For more information on a rehab near you in West Lothian please get in touch. We will offer a free confidential assessment and get you booked in if required.

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How Do You Book Into a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinic?

To book into our private drug and alcohol rehab treatment clinics near West Lothian, you simply need to contact us.

This can be done using our website's contact form or telephone.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Into a Private Rehab Centre?

There is absolutely no wait time for private rehab centres.

As soon as you admit your struggle to us, we want to help you out.

Will Your Treatment Be Faster In a Private Rehab?

Typically, you will find that private rehab can be quicker- only because of the waiting time difference.

Everybody experiences and adapts to help in a different way, therefore, we can not speak on everyone's behalf.

Private Rehab Centre in

Is Private Rehab The Right Choice For Me?

If you are even questioning if rehab is the correct place for you, then we would definitely advise private rehab.

You can stop feeling the way that you are today as soon as you reach out and get help from us!

What is the Average Length of Stay in Private Rehab?

Normally, the average length of stay in private rehab is 28-30 days.

If you have a very severe case and need a longer stay- the average long stay is 90 days.

How Do Private Rehab Centres Differ from Public Ones?

Private rehab centres often have different, more luxury-ended facilities in West Lothian.

They will also be more expensive due to this and the close eye of each care worker.

How Do Private Rehab Centres Ensure Confidentiality?

There are laws set in place to ensure that confidentiality is key.

We would never expose your problems or identity to anyone.


If you are looking to start treatment today for your addiction, we want to help you get booked into one of our private rehabilitation centres.

After the initial assessment, you will go through an admissions process and we can then work out the best treatment for you.

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Get in touch today and we can discuss all the different types of treatment plans in West Lothian so that you get the perfect bespoke plan.

We are an industry-leading company that wants the best for you. We have over 25 years of experience and knowledge that we can advise you on today.

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